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Art Directory is a website through which you can promote your achievements and talents. With what so ever you have been awarded with becomes useless if the world is unaware about you. So, through our website you can showcase your talents to others.

It’s essential for the audience, publishers, companies or organizations and media & news editors to target and track you or your work and accomplishments so considering this matter of fact we organize events and workshops in which you can participate and perform on stage and let others recognize you.

You are free to post or upload your profile and the clips or videos of the skits or mono acting ,group dramatics plays or nukkad naataks as well as the write ups of your scripts so that the interested organizations could look into the matter.

By connecting to our website you become updated about what’s happening around and get the relevant information and news.

You can promote your drama club or society through social media sites by connecting with us. We suggest you to share your profile and bio with us so that you get featured on our webpage. Also share the necessary information with us so that the editor could look into the matter.


Click on the IMAGES for more details about these Artists.


Click on the IMAGES for more details about these Artists.

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