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Content writing has gradually taken over all the corporate and IT sectors of India in the recent years.creating content for the internet is an increasingly important activity as more and more people look to this medium as the main source of information. since 1990’s internet has grown rapidly and current estimates are that nearly 1.8 billion people use the internet for some form of communication and research. while we do not need to know much about the technical details that make the web possible, it does help to understand how information is organized in this medium, so that as writer we can create material that best utilizes its capabilities.writing for the web is, in essence, no different from any other good writing. There are a few things to remember while structuring the information for the web user.
Some of the desirable features of content writing mentioned most often are:-
conventional English often uses two small words- a verb and a preposition or adverb, referred to as ‘phrasal verb’- where a more formal style uses a larger, more learned words. when we speak we say’find out’ instead of discover, ‘live in’ instead of ‘reside’ and so on. learners of English often knows the longer, more formal, but they don’t know the equivalent ‘phrasal verbs’

One might argue that style is a personal or cultural trait. it may be true that language style is personal and cultural, just as preferences in dress and food are.There may be nothing right or wrong about a particular style of language, food or clothing. But some flowery expressions are just relics of an earlier era. An adult student once asked the teacher “shall we pend down our thoughts “ he simply meant ,”do you want us to write down what we think about this”? Similarly, we don’t now refer to our home as “our humble abode”.if someone doesn’t merely “say something”,but “opines that…..”, the reporter’s language strikes us as belonging to the Victorian era.
Perhaps you are afraid that a style which is not flowery will sound rude or abrupt. It need not if you are sincere in what you say. A simple “Do come”! or “please come” can sound every bit as gracious as the flowery expression.Flowery language and fancy words are often used to disguise a lack of meaningful thought content.

Simple reading,or simple viewing, is hard writing. The greatest compliment a writer or script writer can get is for us to think that the message was so obvious that it was very easy to say or write. Simplifying starts with choosing the right words- the shortest and the commonest word that suits the purpose. The web is not for specialist, but for everyone. One of the challenges is to put technical or scientific content into words that every literate person can understand if s(he) is interested enough to read about that topic. If you are writing about a concept the audience is not familiar with, use the simplest words and diagram possible. Big words can make the reader or listener feel intimidated.

In summary writing for the web doesn’t requires any specific skill that are different from any other form of writing. It just takes a good organizational skills, the ability to structure information in a logical and efficient manner, and clarity of expressions.

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