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Tips on attending interview confidently

Tips on attending interview confidently


Each one of us have to go through the phase of sitting in front an interviewer at some point in our life . Attending interviews are in fact not so easy . It takes a lot of preparations , practice and confidence.
Having attended few interviews myself , I can suggest some tips that might help any of you out while attending interviews.

1) Be well Prepared .
What this means is that , whenever you are called for an interview , It is important that we learn about the job that we have to applied for . The ultimate question an interviewer asks is “Why do you wanna join here?” . In order to answer that , we need to aware about the various jobs , various projects etc about that company .

2) Do a bit of self practice

This is a very cliche advice everybody gives , to look into the mirror and speak . But this honestly helps . You as a person gets an idea about you posture , your expressions , you attitude while you speak . It helps in creating an assessment of oneself.

3) Its not the language , But the communication .

Language is about how fluent you are with a particular language whereas communication is about how well you can convey your idea to another person . What an interviewer looks is the communication skills , whether one is able to convey his message . Therefore it is important that when we prepare for interviews , you need to talk slowly , use hand gestures for explanation , speak of the things that you are completely sure of instead of speaking blunder .

4) Always have a smile

Smiling creates a positive vibe . It give a good first impression . It can hide whatever fear you have while taking the interview .

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