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Top 4 Indian TV Shows

Aired on Zee Tv, this romantic drama started with the story of a love triangle and goes through various times and phases.Having touched 1500 episodes this show has appealed to the audience of India well.

First aired in the year 2008,this show is in its 11th year running and has subsequently become the marquee show of Sab Tv. The show revolves around the daily and weekly stories and tails of Gokuldhaam Society where people from different religions and cultures live together in harmony and innocent chaos.

A spin off of its predecessor Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya is a romantic drama which within it has multiple story lines running. On one side the show reflects the story of two daughters reuniting with their mother and parallel to that the other story being shown is off 2 love stories and a love triangle as the story moves further on. This show has touched high TRP’s and is the perfect blend of romance, tragedy and drama.

Aired for the first time in January 2019 on Colours Tv, Gathbandhan is an interesting tale about two contrasting personalities meeting each other. After having a negative start of friction both personalities fall in love with each other and eventually get married. The story takes many folds and a lot of misunderstandings are created by people. Drama is endless as the show progresses.

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