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Top 5 Art Galleries in Hyderabad

Situated in the locality of Banjara Hills, Kalakriti is one of the most popular and recognized art galleries of Hyderabad. It has a state of the art design which does not deny it ample of space which makes it practical to host an array of exhibitions. The Kalakriti Art Gallery displays art of notable artists and is also a breeding ground for young upcoming talent. Kalakriti Art Gallery has made a name for itself not only in the Art scene of Hyderabad but all over the nation.

Located opposite the picturesque Hussain Sagar Lake, Muse Art Gallery is situated in the luxurious Marriot Hotel. Unlike its first impression, this art gallery is run on non profit basis and does not limit itself just to the classes. The Muse Art Gallery is known to be an art gallery for the masses. The Muse Art Gallery was established in 2010 by Telegu actor named Cheeranjivi ,in a short time span Muse Art Gallery has been able to cover ground and rise in prominence in the Art Scene.

Being far from monolithic in character, Shristi Art Gallery hosts the Art of well established notable names and artists alongside breeds and nurtures fresh talent making sure their art does not go unseen. Established in the year 2007 by notable art collector Remani Nambiar, Shristi Art Gallery has been a home to over hundred exhibitions and is always catching the headlines in the Art Scene. Since the death of its founder, Shristi Art Gallery is being managed by Remani Nambiars daughter Laxmi Nambiar who does not shy away from the cause of the growth and increase in prominence of Shristi Art Gallery.
Salar Jung Museum Art Gallery is one of the oldest and most prestigious Art Galleries of Hyderabad. Located on Salar Jung Road the city of Hyderabad takes a lot of pride in the Salar Jung Museum Art Gallery as it is one of the only three national museums in India. This Art Gallery does not limit itself to contemporary art and hosts an array of historical art and sculpture. The museum was founded in 1951 and was given the status of national importance by the Parliament of India in 1961. Over the years the Salar Jung Museum has not only retained its character and essence but has grown in prestige by leaps.

Art Culture is one of the most prominent Art Galleries in Hyderabad. It does not limit itself to merely static art and incorporates and performing arts as well. Art Culture Festival proves to be a breeding ground for various artists to display their talent which varies from Art, Music , Performing Arts to Theatre. Art Culture Festival also provides consultancy and advice in the field of art and boast the best art advisors. The establishment is of dynamic character and has earned a name and position of high relevance in the Art Scene.
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