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Established as a tribute to Mr Gyan Singh Dhadha, Gyan Museum is one of the most notable centers of art in Jaipur. The Gyan Museum takes a person back in time as it displays various things of old times dating back to the 19th century which include- Hukkas of that time, playing cards, paintings etc. Situated in the Sitapura Industrial Area of Jaipur, one can only visit this museum with a prior appointment.

Kalaneri Art Gallery is one of the most notable names in the Art Scene of Jaipur. Located in JLN Marg which is a prominent locality of the pink city, this art gallery is open to all. The Kalaneri Art Gallery is particularly spacious with an area of 36000 sq ft. The Kalaneri Art Gallery is not only limited to displaying art but it also acts as an intermediate between buyers and sellers. The Kalaneri Art Gallery also has its own academy which was established with the vision to develop and polish young artists and give them a wide exposure.

ICA Art Gallery is one of the most prominent names in the Art Scene of Jaipur. This Art Gallery boasts a collection of over Ten Thousand pieces of art of various kinds, ranging from contemporary to historic. As of today the art gallery is being handled by the third generation. The ICA Art Gallery proves to be a delight for artists as well as art lovers and collectors who can observe various forms of art here over a cup of coffee in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Established in the year 2008, Gallery Artchill has been able to make a name for itself in a short time span. Located within the premises of the Amber Fort this Art Gallery is a joy for both artists and art lovers. The Gallery Artchill possesses a dynamic character and conducts programs such as Art Exchanges in order to expose the Indian Art Scene to the world as well as integrate global ideas and concepts in the Indian Art Scene. The concept of contemporary art in Rajasthan was introduced by Gallery Artchill, another milestone achieved by this gallery was the launch of the first 3D book on contemporary art.
Art Culture is one of the most prominent Art Galleries in Jaipur. It does not limit itself to merely static art and incorporates and performing arts as well. Art Culture Festival proves to be a breeding ground for various artists to display their talent which varies from Art, Music , Performing Arts to Theatre. Art Culture Festival also provides consultancy and advice in the field of art and boast the best art advisors. The establishment is of dynamic character and has earned a name and position of high relevance in the Art Scene.
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