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Top 5 Music Festivals in India

One of the most popular and oldest music festivals of the country, Hornbill takes place in the picturesque location of Kohima every year in December. Horbill hosts the biggest rock contest of the country as well as gives an insight to the culture and heritage of our country.

Magnetic Fields
Being relatively new in nature, Magnetic Fields music Festival has attracted and engaged a large amount of audience. Conducted in the royal setting The Alsisar Fort in Rajasthan this music festival is a treat for music lovers and other enthusiasts of other performing arts. Possessing a vibrant vibe to it this music festival is a must visit.

Grooving to Electric Music in the picturesque setting of a valley in cool weather, doesn’t that sound amazing. Taking place every year in the Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh The Ziro Music Festival is a delight for all Electronic Music Lovers. At Ziro, Electronic Music Lovers unite across borders to celebrate the art of EDM. The Ziro Valley being a World Heritage Site adds to the aura of the festival which takes place every September.

Mahindra Blues
Conducted over a period of 2 days in the city of Mumbai, The Mahindra Blues attracts a classy gentry and the best Blues Performers from different parts of the world, having an international name and exposure it attracts many tourists among its attendance along with the niche Indian crowd.

The last listed but certainly not the least, held in Vagator, Goa the Sunburn Music Festival is the mecca for music lovers all over the country. Being conducted in locations all over the country today, the journey of Sunburn in India started in Goa. The music festival has a celebratory and eccentric vibe to it like no festival other. Attracting crowd from all parts of the world the name SunBurn speaks for itself.

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