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Top Theatre Festivals in India

Mumbai Film Festival
First conducted in the early nineties, The Mumbai Film Festival takes place in end October- early November every year. With the aim to celebrate theatre and films, both Indian and International the Mumbai Film Festival is well known all over the country. Organized by the Mumbai Association of Moving Images (MAMI), the Mumbai Film Festival has the backing of important names from the industry and has grown in heaps and strides
Bangalore Queer Film Festival
Since its inception in 2002, the sole purpose of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival is to celebrate the LGBTQ community and promote the community’s presence in Theatre and Films. After the De criminalization of the LGBTQ community in 2009 a major boost was given to the Bangalore Queer Film Festival. In its initial years, The Bangalore Queer Film Festival is known by people of the industry and others all over the country .

Dharamshala International Film Festival
Nestled in the hills of Dharamshala, this theatre and film festival is revered and attracts a large amount of international participation. People attending this festival are spoilt for choice with an array of theatre scripts, documentaries and films and a lot more. This theatre and film festival is a must visit.

International Theatre Festival of Kerala
Unique in its character , the International Theatre Festival of Kerala celebrates and promotes not only theatre, but also the culture and background of Kerala . Attracting domestic and international participation this theatre festival hosts contemporary theatre and art alongside traditional Indian Theatre and Art.

Going Solo
India’s only Solo Theatre Festival,Going Solo aims to promote Solo Theatre and provide credit to artists who do not get their due. Conducted in multiple locations being Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi, this theatre festival takes place every October and gathers a large audience which is far from monolithic.

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