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Here is the list of our favorite Indian Web Series that you need to watch next:
1. Sacred Games-
This is worth all the hype that it is getting. Sacred Games streams on Netflix. Having it’s roots from the book Sacred Games, it is packed with drama, thrill, action and suspense. It is story of Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan) who is a Mumbai police officer and Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who is gangster. It is game that everyone wants to play. As the name suggests, it is made like a game where Sartaj has only 25 days to save the city from an unknown threat. With every scene unfolding itself in a mysterious way it keeps the audience guessing what’s going to happen next and thus, keeping you glued to the screens to the end. With an outstanding cast which also includes Radhika Apte, Pankaj Tripathi, Gurleen Chawla, Kalki Koechlin and many more, Sacred Games is a must watch.

2. Four More Shots Please:
This is a Prime Original Series inspired by Sex and the City. It is story about four girls (played by Sayani Gupta, Kriti Kulhari, Bani J and Maanvi Gagroo) who are childhood bestfriends.They have their own very different lifestyles, background and problems but they stick with each through the thick and thin of life. With a lot of drama, love and the girls constantly fighting against gender equality and sexuality, the show goes on. The way the characters of these girls unfold is really good. Though the pilot episodes are a little boring but by the 4th and 5th episode, the series takes an interesting turn making it fun to watch and not let go. Other plot twists like Milind Soman treading across a boardroom made things really hot. Though a women centric show, it treats it’s male characters with atmost respect.

3. Little Things
A charming love story, ‘Little Things’ streams on Netflix. It is about Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar) who have been in a relationship for about 5 years now. This love story is not like the usual bollywood, unrelatable story. It is realistic, it shows how small, little things matter in a relationship, it is not extravagant. They both are trying to balance their work-life with their love life with the small arguments and fights as a part of it. The innocence of the characters and their story keeps you glued to the screen. After a long day, you would absolutely love to see this cute and adorable show. Even if you see it for the 5th time, it’ll make you go ‘aww’.

4. Made in Heaven
Made in Heaven is another Amazon Prime Original which will leave you thinking about the society and it’s norms after every episode. A Zoya Akhtar series produced by Excel Entertainment was liked so much by the viewers that talks about the 2nd season started right after a month. It stars Arjun Mathur, Sobhita Dhulipala, Kalki Koechlin, Jim Sarbh, Shivani Raghuvanshi, and Shashank Arora. Made in Heaven revolves around the two wedding planners, Tara and Karan, who are struggling to match the old traditions and customs with the modern expectations and lifestyle. They also have their messed personal lives which they try to balance with their professional life. It is people trying to deal with the norms of the society and the social expectations and also some extravagant ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ that you get to see here.

5. Mirzapur
Mirzapur is a crime thriller series streamed on Amazon Prime. With an exciting plot and acting it keeps the audience entertained throughout. The story revolves around Akhandanand Tripathi ( Pankaj Tripathi) who has earned crores by exporting carpets however, ends up becoming the mafia boss if Mirzapur. Tripathi’s son Munna, a not capable successor, tries to follow his father’s footsteps of illegal business, mafiagiri and so on. This is when the plot takes a turn. The incredible cast makes it even more worthwhile to watch.

6. Tripling
Tripling is yet another thrilling and different series that is aired on TVF. It is a story of three siblings, Chandan, Chitvan and Chanchal (played by Sumit Vyas, Amol Parashar and Maanvi Gagroo). The show revolves around the road trip they go on (out of compulsion). It is a mix of the quirky little fights and arguments that siblings usually have. However, it is on this trip that they talk about their failed relationships, careers, life and much more. Between all the taunting and fights they rediscover the love they have for each other. This show will definitely have you missing your siblings and family. From the cast to the story and acting, everything just seems to be in place and proper.

7. Love, Lust & Confusion
Love, Lust & Confusion is a modern romantic drama that revolves around the story of a modern bengali girl Poroma Sarkar played by Tara-Alisha Berry. You can get this show on the Viu App. It is about how this modern age girl Poroma who is engaged to Rohan( ) but wants to explore and meet all those people from her dairy. She is an artist who is in love, satisfying her lust, with a lot of confusion and dilemma and obviously bearing the consequences of all of this new age love. However, she breaks the stereotypical barriers made for young girls and the series gives a lesson for every girl to be free to explore their needs. An intriguing, interesting and out of the box show which makes it a must watch for the all the young boys and girls out there.

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