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Best Art Galleries in Mumbai

Chemould Prescott Road Gallery
Established in 1963, Chemould Prescott is one of the oldest and most revered galleries in Mumbai. Originally established in Jehangir Art Gallery today its nested on Prescott Road. The Gallery showcases big names such as Shilpa Gupta and Atul Dodiya as well as emerging talent such as Dhruvi Acharya and Shehzaad Dawood. Since its inception until today the Chemould Prescott Road Gallery has retained its character and grown in prestige.

Located in Institute of Contemporary Indian Art ,Kala Ghoda, Tasveer is one of the most notable photography collectives in the country. After the closing down of Matthieu Foss, Tasveer acted like a life saver for the photography enthusiasts. Being a an establishment which is far from monolithic it showcases Indian as well as International names. Tasveer also provides an inside to the rich heritage and past of the Maharajas through exhibitions. The exhibitions conducted at the Institute of Contemporary Indian Art tilt towards black and white photography. Tasveer has gained recognition and name over the past years.

Gallery Maskara
Unlike many art galleries, Gallery Maskara has a dynamic outlook and seeks to merge International Art along with homegrown art. Located in Colaba, an area where there is a fight for space, Gallery Maskara boasts a large area, the large area allows the gallery to host different types of art large in size The gallery was opened in 2008 by Abhay Maskara who aims to intergrate Indian Art which has a closed outlook to the scene of global art. The beauty and character of the gallery lies in its uniqueness .

Established in 2008,Volte has been able to make a name for itself in the Art scene in a short time span and today is one of the most prominent art galleries in Mumbai. Volte hosts a number of pieces of Tibetan part which is its USP as not many establishments display Tibetan art. This art gallery is located in Colaba on a narrow road which has a number of art galleries. The owner of the gallery Tushar Jiwarajka has put his heart and soul into establishing and the growth of this gallery.

Art Culture Festival
Art Culture Festival is one of the most prominent Art Galleries in Mumbai. It does not limit itself to merely static art and incorporates and performing arts as well. Art Culture Festival proves to be a breeding ground for various artists to display their talent which varies from Art, Music , Performing Arts to Theatre. Art Culture Festival also provides consultancy and advice in the field of art and boast the best art advisors. The establishment is of dynamic character and has earned a name and position of high relevance in the Art Scene.ACF has a digital platform where artists can post their art works along with their names. Contact information . For direct sale leads . For Coverages . Events. News and trends in the industry . an ideal platform .

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