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Steps to add your blog :-

Anytime we start thinking of writing a blog, comes with a query of how to initiate it. So. for writing a blog on Art Directory, here are the essential steps to proceed:-
1. Go to the Art Directory website.
2. Click on the BLOG option given on the top right column of the website.
3. Click on the write a blog.
4. The page will now show a form in which you have to fill the required details asked.
5. After filling the details, you will need to write your content and then attach a picture related to your content. The content could be about the following topics:-
a) Talent directory – Photographers, Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Theater and Miscellaneous.
b) Visual Arts – News, Art Market News, Exhibitions, Auctions & Fairs and Galleries & Museums
c) Architecture & Design – Architecture, Design and Home & Interiors
d) Performing Arts – Film, Music, Theater & Dance and Television
e) Lifestyle – Books, Jewellery & Watches and Autos & Boats
f) Fashion – Designer Spotlight, Runway, Accessories, Parties and Style Guide

6. The content should be authentic and must be checked by plagiarism checker for authenticity of content.

Authenticity can be checked at

7. Once you are done with content, the last step involves agreeing to the terms and submitting the post.

8. Your post will be submitted after 24 working hours after the review process.

After your blog is posted, there will be a comment section along with the likes attained by your post. You can also see the no. of viewers of the post.
This way the posting of a blog can be done.

Please complete the required fields.
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