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Uttar Pradesh Dance Forms

Uttar Pradesh Dance Forms


Uttar Pradesh Dance Forms
Uttar Pradesh has a dazzling culture equipped with traditional customs and practices. The equivalent culture is reflected in dance forms as well.
Categories of dance form include Classical dance form, Folk dance form, and religious dance form. Kathak is one out of eight of the significant Indian Classical dance forms. “Kathak” term is taken from the Sanskrit word “Katha” that means a story. Kathak dancer uses their hand moves, footwork, and facial expression to narrate stories.
Kathak has three distinct schools known as Gharanas. They are Lucknow Gharana, Banaras Gharana, and Jaipur Gharana. Lucknow and Banaras Gharana focuses on facial and hand expression, whereas Jaipur Gharana focuses more on foot movements.

Some of the folk dance of Uttar Pradesh are Raslila, Khyal, Nautanki, Naqal, Svanga, etc.
Raslila is from the Braj region of Uttar Pradesh, based on the scenic views of Lord Krishna. The term ‘ras’ points to Krishna’s joyous and Lila means to play. It has fused elements of Indian classical music, play, and dance.
Khyal dance is also famous in Rajasthan. It is a form of dance that involves multiple themes. They are performed particularly by men and incorporate mime and chanting. The trained dancers of the khyāl are recognized as “Bhawni”. Some famous Khyal forms are Jaipuri Khyal, Abhinaya Khyal, Ali Baksh Khyal, etc.
Nautanki dance form is a blend of historical, mythological or traditional art. It combines dance, music, and lyrics with a storyline, making it a full entertainment unit. They are also based on patriotic themes or social themes as it has a great impression on the audience.
Naqal term is taken from the Persian word “to imitate”. It is presented by artists called Naqals. It reveals sarcastically the unpleasant darkness spread on our life. It is also popular in Kashmir and Punjab.
Religious and folk tales are portrayed by an assembly of ten to twelve persons in public or in an open-air theatre circled by the people. Dialogues control the performance accompanied by song.

Religious dance form Ramlila is famous in Uttar Pradesh.
The Story of Rama is represented as a stage performance which has a great religious significance to the Indian heritage. Mostly performed on the festival of Dusherra.

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