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Wake up India


When there’s war on the border or a terrorist attack somewhere in the country, whole nation is united, prays for the soldiers and the country’s safety and when the war is over everyone is relieved and they thank the soldiers and their families and medals are given and appreciation and we say, “we sleep peacefully in our homes because they are standing at the borders protecting us” (Chiche🙄). But how do you sleep peacefully when the threat is not from the outside but on the inside, not foreign but our own, not on the border but on the streets… these days parks, cars, schools, buses, homes, nowhere is safe. I mean everyone knows it, nobody likes taking about it but everyone knows it. Who raped whom, where, when, why people have all kinds of answers but still somehow somewhere it feels so static, the justice i mean. Me being from a small town, not knowing much about how it all works thought that after the Nirbhaya case, that’s it India has spoken, the candle march and ya.. motion. And what a motion, i don’t know about the criminals, but as women as girls we all lost the one thing that our ancestors fought almost 200 years for, Independence. Not the high society kids or kids with super cool parents who have all kinds of resources or well who can say “Mera baap mantree hai”, but those whose voices are never heard, who lower in castes and backward in resources. Our independence have been compromised, we have to be careful, we have to dressed properly, we have to be in limits, we have to obey, we can’t follow our dreams if it’s far from home, but the bastards are allowed to even appeal in a court after 2 offences for mercy. What about that father who borrowed some money and lost his daughter because of that, how will he sleep? Ever thought about it or just busy checking what is priyanka and nick doing right now?
Why did we had the elections huh? Just to check ki firse Modi aayega ya nahi? Why were we so obsessed about deepveer’s wedding and costumes but doesn’t seem to care when see someone lying nacked on the roadside? Why Arjun Mallika age difference is a national issue but no one cares if the rapists gets punished or not? Why the hell there are scum bag MPs and MLAs who think minor rape is rape but rape over 35 is a “different thing”, “act of passion”..? Why is there a fucking IPC 376 A, B, C, D,.. why not just 376 death! If we can be savages enough to play holi and waste water, diwali and pollute air, ganesh festival and polute the rivers and then say #Climate_change, than why not a public executions too, when it is kind of cleansing, for a cleaner, better, and safer India. Swachh Bharat is not successful until these rats arent poisoned. Who are we trying to show mercy to? Someone who raped a 10 months old? Wake up India, Wake up.

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