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Aneeshaa as a name is very common throughout the entire country. This name is very diverse and people from different religious beliefs make an extensive use out of this name. This particular name has a lot of meanings ranging from friendship to the divine supreme. Among the array of meanings the name has, some say that it is another name for goddess Lakshmi, hence making it prosperous. The name Aneeshaa which has a variety of spellings like Anisha, Aneesha, and Aneisha is one of the Indian names derived from the very roots of Sanskrit. The A stands for without and the Neeshaa stands for night, hence without darkness. The name finds reference in the Upanishads with the meanings powerlessness, helplessness and is also an anagram of Ahinsa which means non violence.
The brand product I would want to correlate my name with would be without darkness and hence, I put forward the idea of Aneeshaa Commuting Services exclusively for women. We all know how the country has been an unsafe place for women throughout. Be it their work place, the streets itself, women have unfortunately been the target mostly everywhere. So, by extending this project proposal, I would like to state that the company wants to make night rides easier for women. There are multitudes of women who work late or are just out of their houses late at night and its extremely difficult for them to avail commutes on their way back home without the thought of something wrong terrorizing their mind almost every time. Hence, Aneeshaa Commuting services brings forward the idea of safe night rides for women just like any other pickup services.
The brand offers
Pickup and drop services for women, driven by women. Does not involve the hassle of waiting for too long. If at all it does take more than the estimated time for arrival, a
flat 25% of discount can be availed.
Need not worry about long pickup and drop location, the price yet remains
Along with our passengers, we also care about our drivers. Our drivers shall be provided with full security services such as a tracker that keeps a check of where they are along with cctv cameras in every car, assuring the safety of both the driver and the passenger
This is a small initiative taken by the brand and we want to start off as a local service, slowly expanding the business countrywide and then maybe on a global platform.

This is an article I wrote for my marketing class. We were asked to look up for the meaning of our name and then come up with an appropriate product. You can find my blog on WordPress. It goes by the name ‘’

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