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Why Hindi music videos are filled with clichés?


Sexy moves of Nora Fatehi might make you go weak in knees or any other typical item dancer we see in the music videos these days. Mostly music videos are filled with same repetitive things which are continuing since 80s and 90s. Either boy and girl would be dancing behind the trees or actor/actress would be dancing with a big group of dancers in any foreign location. These clichés are the reason why music videos are not evolving as compared to English music videos. Go on to YouTube you will find most of the viewed videos come under the category of music. Striking choreography or storyline can make any video iconic which will attract many viewers. Watch the video of Bad romance by Lady Gaga which have more than 1 Billion of views to understand what an iconic choreography looks like. If we switch to current pop videos of our country we will feel that we have already seen the video or we can predict the upcoming scenes easily.
So what comes in our mind now is that why so much clichés in music videos? Why we have lost the all creativity or imagination skills Or why the content creators are so lazy to make something iconic. Look we are bored of watching those party songs and couples dancing in the front of Eiffel Tower. We the audience of this country expect something new and creative. We are bored of watching those same item songs over and over again, something new would be definitely applauded by the audience.

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