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Why you deserve more.


Why you deserve more.

Good day to you! Because at least reading this will obviously make your smile much better and existence too!

“Deserve” a word used for defending ourselves, maybe while fighting or just ending the whole situation by saying “I deserve more”.
Well, of course. Things get difficult when nobody is accepting you, when you completely get difficult on life and end up with, “bitch! I deserve more” I know it sounds stupid when someone actually takes a stand and act on it but at the same time we take them seriously too. Somewhere and at a point of time we all are stuck at the same place and a logic behind we think is that it’s all about fighting with your lover and throwing them some deserving lectures, maybe just being against our friends and tell them what you are. No muffin, it’s more than what you see.

Have you just sat and talked to yourself about your own rights? (No I was not telling you to meditate). We do make our “own rules and regulations” and tell every single person with that signature attitude about how you follow them (I know you don’t). It’s difficult, cause obviously we are more concerned about how that human is looking, also to bitch about the hater you saw after a long time, abusing your best friend for not commenting on your latest picture with ignoring that “haha” emoji. Yes, cause we’re humans. We tend to spend more time on unwanted things and upload a picture with “I love myself” kinda caption to let people know that bitch gotta confidence in every breathe (I know I’m too much sometimes).
*Focusing on the things which I was about to say*

Why you deserve more? Just because those quotes tell you that be cupcake in the world of muffins? Well, we just follow what positive thinkers tell us (I’m the same!). But somewhere we are always an extraordinary thinker, cause why not? We’re in lead of having a bestest personality because you’re a cupcake and diamond between those glitters.

It’s important when you have a perfect combination of confidence, balanced mannerisms and you know what you deserve. Everytime where you have to choose a particular environment to live in it’s all upto you if you take it as an experience or a tolerance situation. You deserve more or less? It’s MORE. Obviously. But WHY? because you be good human all the time? Ah, maybe. You helped your friend to get outta break up? Of course yes! Paid your bills on time? Come on! Part of our life. Waste your energy on people and decide to stay with them either ways? Yes, you deserve more. You smiled more than yesterday? Help yourself to be normal because you’re actually deserving what you wanted! I just thought (to be more realistic) for a clearer vision so that even your butts know!

D : for disappointments!

It’s an obvious topic to discuss about. But more than that it’s completely about you. Why you always think this deserving thing has to be discussed at the end after all of the conclusion why not first? Why aren’t you always clear about what you want? Is it only when you understand a person/ a situation/ a decade of your existence?

E : for your evil side!

Hello to your evil side! Because nasty minds are always attractive and seekers. But apart from this tell your evil side to make you more evil about things which are negative for you and not only to take those “whatever” revenge which satisfies and creates a disaster at the end.

S : for your sacrifice!

A sentimental and a sensitive topic which is mostly discussed with a drink and a best friend at the middle of nowhere time. And you deserve more if you make those regrets in a positive way, honeyyyy! Life is short for this, and bigger for achievements.

E : for your edgy attitude!

Ending up with attitude because that’s the most defining part of you in front of the another. It can spoil you and sorry text is literally outdated! Try a something else? -Yeah, May I help you with flushing over some smiles and free food? (You know that, don’t you?)

R : for your ruling qualities!

It’s when you’ve to stop forcing yourself to do the wrong things and be on right things which comfy you. Stop being SO EXTRA!

V : for your volumed confidence!

Obviously a high volumed. Confidence is dicey af. A single statement you make and adding some confidence magically helps to raise those ugly eyebrows of a stranger. (TRY IT!)

E : for your an evergreen personality!

Here’s to the existence. That evergreen personality which is being greener every moment. Understand yourself and be thankful for your creation on this planet earth.

And that’s why YOU deserve MORE.

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