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Fitness of mind is as important as the fitness of the body. Now,meditation is something which can turn your lofe around . Meditation not just helps you to cope up with the stress,anxiety, fear,self-doubt but it also helps you to enhance your productivity.  Meditation has a very crucial part to play in you reaching your maximum potential. A recent study has proved that people who meditate daily has a higher level of GYRIFICATION  is the process of forming characteristics folds of cerebral cortex which is linked with faster processing power. You essentially become smarterand your brain becomes more active through meditation. Long term mediation is linked with more GYRIFICATION . Meditation basically is a brain wirkout where you are enhancing your brain power by just meditating for 10-20 minutes per day. Studies have shown that meditation changes certain part of your brain it increases size of those parts which are linked with happiness,focus,memory formation,learning ability, ability to empathise and it decrease the size of areas which are linked with stress,anxiety, depression,overthinking and fear.

I recently got to know about the benefits of meditation and practicing it everyday i have literally  began to seen the difference that it is making in my life. It calms you from inside, it slows down the cacophony of life, and helps you to live your life more lively and happily.
Also, meditation  is the process of disconnecting yourself from the environment, and connecting yourself to the inner soul hence removing all the dirt and impurities  from your life. Devoting 10-20 minutes of your day to meditation can do wonders to your life. Now, comes the question of how should you begin with it. It’s very easy and simple process you just have to sit wherever you are comfortable in a quiet and peaceful ambience and close your eyes and just focus on your breathing process. This mindful breathing everyday in the morning is definitely gonna make a positive impact in your life. Make meditation a significant part of your routine and get ready to see how it makes your life more purposeful.

Hope this article brings a change for the better.

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