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Women’s Fashion: Bold and Re-invented.


As the fashion industry grows, trend by trend, it not only communicates design but also blows a breeze of nostalgia as it re-invents fashion from the 80s and the 90s. Cultural influences are not far behind in this re-invention either. In a generation of pace and efficiency, fashion today conveys more than just color and cloth. It conveys identity, uniqueness, emotion and elegance which otherwise seems to be fading as we move ahead into a future of ‘instant’ and ‘ready to wear’.
Many designers across the world have embraced and highlighted their roots as they design new fashion lines. Be it the modernized Kimonos by Japanese Fashion Designers, the simplified version of a Hanbok by Korean Fashion Designers, the indulgence of indigenous Australian aesthetics into modern dresses, the comeback of the powerful over-sized blazers or the countless modern saris redesigned to fit the ‘modern’ in modern India.
The wave of off shoulder, big sleeves, lace patterns are a few 80s fashion trends that are now turning heads as they are toned down to fit the modern concept of fashion today- subtle but influential. Other trends that have made a stunning comeback from the 80s include the bomber jackets, denim jackets, pleated jeans, trousers and skirts, and of course the high waist trends.
A look into the Indian fashion industry portrays snippets of the golden retro India back in the 80s. Shararas- famously known for their wide legged, flowy dramatic pants- are one of the eye catching trends that Indian designers are bringing back. Ruffle, asymmetric, and frill sari drapes are also taking the spotlight as they are designed to look more sophisticated while flaunting the structure adapted from the 80s Indian film industry. Other recurring trends from the 80s include the long anarkali, high neck blouses, long sleeve blouses, puffy blouses and lehengas with long cholis.
In addition to the structural aspect of clothing, fashion in the 21st century seems to accentuate retro magic with the choice of color, fabric and pattern. For instance, velvet is a soft fabric that radiates the timelessness of fashion in the 80s. The use of ethnic Asian, African, Native American and Indian patterns along with modern fashion are another way of presenting fashion re-invention. Other than the seasonal pastel colors, bold and radiant colorful color schemes provide a different perspective to fashion re-invention. Vintage print patterns and sequence embroidery add on to this list of fashion re-invention from the 80s.
While the comeback of retro fashion- modernized and re-designed- has excited many, it has also seemed unappealing to some. These were just a few of the many 21st century trends that were re-invented from the 80s-however they maintain the authentic retro vibe. Fashion trends are like waves where they peak for a while or lay low for a while. Therefore fashion trends keep changing but your style can adapt to it, remix it or be undefined by it- all in all “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal” as quoted by Yves Saint Laurent.

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