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Ruchin Jain
Content Writer

Our Audience

Art directory is the industry sourcebook for fashion & lifestyle communication professionals and brands. As an industry trade platform, we focus on providing actionable insights to help our audience experience professional success and meet business goals.

What we’re looking for


  1. Articles that take us behind-the-scenes to share the current efforts of lifestyle brands and art culture festivals etc
  2. Highlight different emerging platforms, incredible tools, or resources that help drive big results
  3. Strong POV articles about industry trends featuring multiple viewpoints
  4. Interviews with talent
  5. An in-depth look from start to finish
  6. Trends
  7. News
  8. Social Events


The following guidelines will increase the chances that we will happily publish your work:

  1. Aim to both education and entertain!Most often, we say no to articles because they are too general or devoid of personality! We love detailed articles with real-life examples, resources and humor. Framing your topic around data or a trending topic makes us weak in the knees. We care about YOUR experience and that of those in your circle. 
  2. Double check the archives:  Search the site to see what else we may have published on your topic. Be sure to pitch a clear, fresh angle or an update to the original. “How to land a PR Internship,” is okay, but “6 things to do your first day as a PR Intern,”is better.
  3. Don’t be shady:If your piece mentions a client, disclose the nature of your relationship within the article. We won’t publish anything that is overly self-promotional (this would then be a sponsored post).
  4. Original content only:Please only submit pieces that are original and not published anywhere else. If you are pitching multiple publications and we agree to run your piece, consider it exclusive to us.
  5. Ask your network:If you can bring in additional quotes (3 is the magic number) from your network to strengthen your position or show diversity in perspective, well, we love that!
  6. Each article has to be original and checked with  the plagiarism checker
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