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The art of yoga tickles us a lot but when considered as a way of living it rejuvenates the whole body with positive energy rushing through our body without any occlusion.Yoga literally connects atma-our body and paramatma-the supreme lord.There are different types of yogic practices which are followed by yogis all leading to a single destination ,salvation.It is commonly done by activating our psychic centers of our body and taking the serpent power from the mooladhara chakra to sahasrara.There is a popoular misconception about chakras that they lie in front of the body.They are actually located along our backbones,which is why when all asanas are done yoga acharyas instruct us to sit erect with backbone straight.Even while we rest backbone is straight and it allows the allignment of chakras.People must definitely know the difference between relaxation in yoga(savasana) and sleeping.Sleeping is resting our body without being conscious about ourselves but savasana is relaxing our body and it’s activities by being conscious of our body and breath .Such understandings are very much important in understanding the art of yoga or yoga as an art,however it being a debatable topic.One thing to conclude is that, people must be seen as souls with equal priority for a happy and joyous mankind.

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